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Melanie Lyn Nutrition is a Brisbane-based nutritionist who is driven to educate individuals about nutrition.


With nutrition, generally we are talking about about what we eat. If we miss out or have too much of certain nutrients, especially long term, imbalances occur and is often when certain conditions start to unfold.


Nutrition is more than what we eat though and is why each person needs to be treated individually as we all have unique backgrounds and diet and lifestyle factors that need to be considered.


Nutrition is the most powerful form of preventative medicine and is key to overall wellbeing and longevitiy.


How can a nutrition consultation help you? 

  • Longer consultations provide the time needed to understand your background, medical history, diet and lifestyle for a more individualised approach.
  • Helps you better manage and reduce severity of chronic conditions.
  • A major focus is to treat the underlying cause.
  • Helps you understand what your body needs to get back to good health.
  • Teaches you how to build healthy habits that are sustainable and right for your body.
  • Dissovles doubt and confusion about diets and nutrition.
  • Work toward improving your daily vitality, giving you more energy, less fatigue.
  • Work toward improving sleep, moods and cognitive function.
  • Empowers you to get excited about nutritious food!


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