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Consultations at Ipswich:
Initial Consultation - 90 minutes

Initial consultations involves getting an understanding of your history and current state of health. It includes a full health assessment and dietary evaluation. We then build a plan to address your health concerns. The health plan includes a summary of information relevant to you, dietary plan including recipes and resources as well as further testing requiements and supplements or nutraceuticals if needed.

Inquiry Call - 15 minutes

If you're interested in a nutrition consultation but not sure if it's right for you, please call or email and I'd be happy to give you further information.We can briefly go over your health concerns and how nutrition might be relevant to you. 

Other Services

- Telehealth/zoom/skype consultations

- Functional testing & interpretation

- Recommendations for supplements/nutraceuticals


Have you heard of functional testing before?

Functional testing is a comprehensive test which provides a detailed report of how the body system is functioning. Functional tests commonly used in clinic are:

Comprehensive Stool testing - parasites, pathogens, fungi/yeast, overgrowth and undergrowth of pathogenic and beneficial bacteria, intestinal health markers incl. intestinal permeability and gut immunity.

SIBO testing - investigate if there is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, common with symptoms such as excessive bloating, reflux, poor digestion.

Food intolerance testing - investigate IgG/IgA mediated food sensitivities 

Advanced hormone testing - investigating estrogen metabolites, androgens, progesterone, cortisol markers & metabolites, melatonin, neurotransmitter metabolites. 

With access to many more.

Return Consultation options:

Return Consultation with Test results - 45 - 60 minutes
Extended Return Consultation - 45 - 60 minutes
Return Consultations - 30 - 45 mins

Depending on your health goals consultations are continued until your health goals are met or until you feel confident with the information you have learned. Rebooking is done every 2-4 weeks and is extremely helpful in cementing changes and in some cases are needed to address the underlying cause. 

Return Consultations with Test Results is a 45-60 min consultation to allow time to go over the results and recommendations. in-depth and discuss are used to also go over any functional testing results. 

Extended Return Consultations allow for more time to discuss progress with diet, lifestyle and supplements.

Return Consultations are the most commonly used to touch base, review your progress and talk about what to do next.


Consultation Treatment Fees

Initial Consultation: $150

Return Consultation with Test Results: $110

Extended Return Consultation: $100

Return Consultation: $90


Inquiry Call: free of charge

Fees for other services vary, contact me for further information.


Payment options available:

Cash, debit, credit card (Visa and Mastercard), bank transfer, & payment plans.


Provider Numbers:

AHM - 21230936

Medibank Private - A216882X

CUA, HBF,, Mildura Health Fund, QCH, Westfund - AN27353U

NIB (APIA, AAMI & Suncorp, Qantas Health Insurance) - 27353



Foot & Ankle Clinics Ipswich 

Availabilities - Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and other days upon request

More information about consultations at Ipswich is outlined below.


Contact Me Today:

Phone: 0434 584 411



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